IMG 4579Our certified company is able to call itself "specialist for historic vehicles." Decisive for this is the successful examination to "specialist for the restoration of historic vehicle bodies", popularly referred to as the classic car restorer. In our county, our automotive and accessories master company is the only classic car specialist. Seven individually coordinated training modules had to be occupied by a total of twelve. Practical tasks of the vehicle restoration were essential contents of each section. Focus of the course was the body. In particular, the panel-beater was tough. With it any body parts such as motorcycle tanks, fenders etc. can be remade. Our automotive accessories and master company is known as a Mercedes specialist for the models 319er and /8. From within the entire Germanosphere classic car fans come to Berger to let their "treasures" repair. Besides the classic car restoration, we are experts in the conversion to LPG and operate as an LPG filling station.